Arizona trademark and patent attorney Tom Galvani can help you.

Trademark and patent attorney Tom Galvani is a lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona serving the intellectual property needs of national clients.  This site features information about Tom and his services, including the patent and trademark blog that Tom publishes.  Tom focuses on a few areas of intellectual property law:


Tom prefers using up-front pricing to give you predictability.  He can help if you’ve had thoughts like these:

  • I’ve got a great invention, but I’m not sure how to protect it.  Do I need a patent attorney?
  • I’m worried that if I start selling my product, someone with more money will steal it, develop it, and get rich off my idea.  Can I do anything?
  • I tried to file my own trademark application, but the Trademark Office sent me a letter that I don’t understand.  I need a trademark attorney – Help!
  • I developed a machine for our shop that really increases efficiency, and I think other garages could use it as well.  How should I protect it?
  • Someone took the information on my website and put it on their own site.  What can I do?
  • My business is growing fast, and I’m thinking about franchising – what steps should I take first to control the operation?
  • How do I know the manufacturer I hire to mold my product won’t steal it or tell someone about it?
  • Our company has a huge number of trademarks, both domestic and foreign, and we aren’t sure if we’re missing critical maintenance work.

Invest in yourself, your company, and your future by protecting your technology and brand.  You will be surprised at how valuable it is and how cheap it can be.

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