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  • Broadcast your rights
  • Turn ideas into assets
  • Drive forward
  • Draw the future

Thomas W. Galvani, P.C. is a law firm in Phoenix, Arizona serving the intellectual property needs of national clients. The firm counsels independent inventors and growing companies on how to best protect their ideas, inventions, and brands.  Contact trademark and patent attorney Tom Galvani and corporate attorney Kami Galvani at 602-281-6481 for information about:


The firm strives to deliver predictability, efficiency, and a clear vision of what lies ahead.  We use up-front fees with a simple process in almost all areas of work:

  1. We discuss your concerns and build a roadmap to address them.  No consultation fee.
  2. You receive a written quote for the work based on our discussion.
  3. The firm does the work.  If you have questions, you call us.  No charges.
  4. When the work is done, you review it, and we file it after your approval.  Your final bill matches the quote.

If this process aligns with your needs,

please contact Tom and Kami