Internet Law Attorney Tom Galvani

Internet law continues to evolve along with the changes in the Internet.

You must stay up to date with these changes.  Tom Galvani can help you navigate the constantly shifting waters, counsel you in proactive measures, and support you in enforcing your rights and agreements online.

Tom provides the following internet law services:

  • Domain Name Disputes and Cybersquatting – Prevent someone from using your trademark in their domain name
  • Web-Scraping and Data Mining Counseling – Determine whether your business model fits within a complex legal framework for online behavior
  • Website Terms and Conditions – Describe or limit the ways your site can be used: personally, commercially, for profit, for no profit, etc.
  • Privacy Policies – Control the use of your subscriber’s or users personal information
  • Trademark and Copyright Misuse – Unauthorized use of your trademark or copyright on a website
  • End User License Agreements – Contracts with web and service users regulating their use of your product
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act Counseling (DMCA) and Takedown Letters – Requesting the removal of your copyright-protected text, art, or other work from a website