To contact Tom Galvani, please read the legal notice and then write, call, or follow him at:

Thomas W. Galvani, P.C.
3519 E Shea Blvd. #129
Phoenix, Arizona 85028
Direct Line: 602-281-6481

Video conferencing also available during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

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Tom offers free, confidential initial consultations.  What to expect when you first sit down with Tom:

Are you an inventor looking to patent your innovation? During the first meeting regarding potential patenting, you will discuss the invention and the surrounding disclosure, determine whether the invention is eligible subject matter for patenting, review prior disclosures of your invention, decide the necessity of a patent search, and make strategic choices regarding provisional filings, non-provisional filings, non-publications requests, non-disclosure agreements, and other matters that depend on the unique circumstances of your invention, your deadlines, and your goals.

Are you registering or choosing a new trademark? During the first meeting regarding potential trademark registration, you will discuss your business, the marks you are considering, the way you use logos, designs, and other marks currently, and how you to intend to use trademarks and with what products or services.  You will discuss whether a trademark search is necessary, whether a federal trademark registration is appropriate, whether trade dress protection should be sought, and other trademark-related issues.