Entity Formation and Corporate Services

Corporate entity formation is often a necessary step to help protect the intellectual property you have developed.

Correct corporate can be especially important when there are multiple owners or inventors involved; having the proper entity structure, bylaws, and rules increases operating efficiency, minimizes liability, and reduces the risks and effects of internal and external disputes. Because a company may own copyright, trademark, and patent rights, its value increases with the size of its portfolio, making it more attractive to prospective buyers and more dangerous to would-be competitors. Companies are also vehicles for leveraging tax advantages; expenses in developing your intellectual property portfolio may be deducted in ways not possible if a venture is personal only.

Kami Galvani offers corporate services for budding and established companies. Kami can assist you in:

  • Deciding which corporate entity is a best fit for your venture
  • Minimizing personal liability
  • Forming an LLC, corporation, partnership, S Corp, non-profit, or other entity
  • Drafting operating agreements or other corporate governance documents
  • Establishing administrative policies and procedures
  • Drafting other corporate documents like non-disclosure agreements
  • Reviewing license agreements, leases, and other business contracts