I don’t want to see any more i-whatever names.   I am continually amazed at the number of companies, stores, and products that get branded with a leading “i.”  Apple was creative when it developed the iMac.  It carried that branding signal to the iPod and iBook successfully.  The prepended “i” told us the product came from Apple, that it had to with internet, or technology, or something just a bit cutting edge.

It’s cliche now, though.  When shoes stores brand themselves something like iToe and grocery stores start calling themselves iMart, you know the brand has been devalued a bit.

FYI: I initially thought I would use iShoe for the shoe store example, but that has been taken. So has iFoot. So has iGrocer and iMarket.  So I challenge you to think of a good/service and search for it with a prepended “i.”   iBet you come back with a result.

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