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Tag: trademark bullying

Done to Death?

Countless writers and bloggers, Yours Truly included, have written about a trademark owner’s obligation to protect its mark.  The subject matter is cliched, but not for lack of importance.  Patrolling and monitoring for improper use, and ensuring proper self-use and proper authorized use, are fundamentals to trademark ownership, and it is never a bad idea to revisit the fundamentals every once in a while.

What I like most about this article written by Anderson Duff of Wolf Greenfield is its careful reminder that not all trademark disputes are acts of bullying.  He did a wonderful explanation of the role of humility and civility.

Brand Bully Basement

Lara Pearson, operator of the brandGEEK website, has created an avenue for victims of trademark bullying.  Those who feel they have been wrongly pushed around by someone exerting a little too much influence with a trademark can complain at Brand Bully Basement.  As the forum picks up publicity, hopefully the actions complained of there will begin to recede into our memories…