Trademark Search Basics

Trademark knockout searches are the first step in preparing a solid trademark application with a high likelihood of success.

The search helps analyze whether your selected mark can actually be registered by checking to see if there are other similarly trademark which are already registered at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The search is a quick and effective way to minimize much of the risk and cost associated with a trademark application.  It is an extremely valuable use of time and money.

Custom Trademark Knockout Searches

Every trademark search we run is specific to you.  When you call, you’ll talk with Tom.  That’s his direct phone number.  Tom will talk to you about your trademark, your business, the products or services you are offering, and what your plans are for development in the future.

This conversation helps him craft the right search, but it is also instrumental in preparing the trademark application.  Sometimes, we run trademark searches based only on the products that you are currently selling.  Other times, we search a broad range of goods and services to reveal information about your ability to expand product or services lines.

Cost and Timing

Searches covering only a single class of product or service are $150; searches covering several classes of products or services are $300.

When you order a trademark knockout search, we start the search the same day.  That day or the next, Tom will review the results and then send you an abridged version of the results along written analysis explaining the risk level.  Tom will tell you if the trademark is high-risk, low-risk, or moderate risk.  You must then exercise your business judgment to decide whether to proceed with the trademark or not.

Next Steps

While a pre-filing trademark search is not required, it is highly recommended.  It can save you from chasing an un-registrable trademark and wasting thousands of dollars of fees and a year of your time.  If you don’t need to do a trademark knockout search but want to file an application, read here for more information: Trademark Applications

Call Tom today at 602-281-6481 to have your trademark analyzed by tomorrow.