37 C.F.R. 11.9 Limited Recognition in Patent Matters

Remind me again why I took the patent bar.  I discovered this gem today:

§ 11.9 Limited recognition in patent matters.

(a) Any individual not registered under § 11.6 may, upon a showing of circumstances which render it necessary or justifiable, and that the individual is of good moral character and reputation, be given limited recognition by the OED Director to prosecute as attorney or agent a specified patent application or specified patent applications. Limited recognition under this paragraph shall not extend further than the application or applications specified. Limited recognition shall not be granted while individuals who have passed the examination or for whom the examination has been waived are awaiting registration to practice before the Office in patent matters.

I have no experience with this reg, nor have I been able to find any commentary on the web concerning it.  Obviously, patent attorneys need to be registered, but it would be interesting to hear under what situations – and how frequently – the PTO will give limited recognition to someone.

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