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Latest Arizona Patent Lawsuits

After a few weeks of respite, patent infringement lawsuits pick up in Arizona.  Two complaints were filed recently.

The first complaint was filed by Foxwise Products, LLC, an Arizona company manufacturing horse-related products.  The company alleged that a number of defendants (JT Marketing, Apple Picker, Ozark Leather, and Miller Manufacturing Company) infringed design patent No. D418,726 by using, advertising, and selling the patented fork design.  The suit also alleges that the defendants made counterfeit copies of Foxwise’s forks.

The second lawsuit was brought by April 1 by Off Madison Ave, Inc., a Tempe-based has sued ReGen Biologics, a Delaware corporation, for both patent and trademark infringement.  The dispute seems to stem from a large assignment of intellectual property rights gone wrong: 8 patents and 5 trademarks.  Off Madison purchased the patents and trademarks from ReGen and now alleges that ReGen has continued to them.  The patents include Soft Tissue Closure Systems, Meniscal Augmentation Devices, and Hand Implant Devices, phew!

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