Think Only Record Companies are Suing? Think Again.

Everyone knows of the widespread copyright infringement the Internet made possible.  And I think most of us are aware that the RIAA and record studios have been the most visible face of copyright infringement lawsuits.  But movie studios also sue.  I had a friend who got a warning from Stanford several years ago for downloading a movie, presumably prompted by a studio.  The IP ADR Blog just wrote a nice post on the continuing efforts to clamp down on copyright infringement.  The article describes how saber-rattling has taken a new form: a company/law firm trolls P2P networks for IP addresses of those downloading movies, links up with a studio or filmmaker, sends out subpoenas to the IP address holders, and then ask for settlement cash. A fairly easy, quick, money-making strategy.

The article also points out reluctance by some in the business to pursuing this tactic.  Sam Bozzo, an indie film director, says that torrent releases create buzz about a movie, consistent with an article I wrote about a bit ago.

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