How To Sign A Trademark Filing

Sometimes clients are confused about how to sign a trademark filing like a trademark application or response to a non-final or final office action.

When we prepare a trademark application, we send it to the client for review and electronic signature.  The Trademark Office requires that electronic forms be signed with an “S-signature,” which is usually your own name between two forward slashes (“/ /”).

For example, if your name is John Smith, you might sign as “/John Smith/” Now, in the video above, I said that you “must” sign your name exactly as it appears in the “Signatory’s Name” section.  That’s not really true – you can actually sign it in a number of different ways.  But if you stray from your name, the Trademark Office may not accept the signature, so really you should sign it exactly the same way.  This will make things much clearer and straightforward for the firm and the Trademark Office.

The Trademark Office has a long list of good and bad examples of S-signatures here:…

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